About Krystal

I have been a teacher with APS for 17 years. I’ve taught first and second grade at Monte Vista for 16 years, and prior to that I taught first grade at Chaparral Elementary School. I have also worked at New Mexico Highlands University as an adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Education.

I am passionate about multi-age education, creativity, whole child learning, and inquiry-based learning experiences. I feel strongly that children should have a voice in their classroom, their school, and their community and agency in their own learning. I also believe in the developmental early childhood model of multi-age education and Vygostky’s Zone of Proximal Development. I think every student is a capable learner working within their own unique zone of proximal development, and I believe every student can grow and shine! My hope for every student I teach is that they will fall in love with learning and become lifelong learners.

I myself am a lifelong learner. Here’s a brief outline of my degrees/education:

  • PhD – Transformative Studies (Focus on Education Reform)
  • Post-Doctoral Graduate Certification- Educational Diagnostician
  • M.S. – Clinical Psychology (Specialization in Child Psychology)
  • B.S. – Elementary Education and Psychology (Endorsements in Language Arts, TESOL, and minor in Biology)

When I’m not teaching, I’m probably reading, drawing, playing my flute, hiking, traveling with my husband John, or playing with our three cats Dude, Molly, and Hobbes.