Field Trips

Why Are Field Trips Important?
Field trips are an essential part of early childhood education. They provide opportunities to connect abstract classroom learning to real life experiences. Real world experience is pivotal in helping students make connections, building vocabulary and conceptual understanding, and stimulating further interest. In addition, it brings joy and fun to learning. All of the field trips we take align with what we are studying in the classroom.

How Are Students Transported?
Usually, I plan field trips within walking distance to Monte Vista or on the city bus route. For one or two field trips a year, we use a school bus. APS will no longer allow parent drivers on elementary school field trips.

This year APS is also requiring all adult chaperones to have an APS background check. Please visit the APS website to learn about fingerprinting and background checks:

If you’ve already had a background check and have been fingerprinted, please make sure that information is up to date and send me a note letting me know your status. Background checks are good for 2 years.

What Forms Does My Child Need?
There are two types of field trips we take in Room 106: walking field trips and field trips that require transportation.

If we are walking somewhere close to Monte Vista, this is considered a walking field trip. You will fill out a stack of permission slips for walking field trips at the beginning of the school year.

Field trips that require transportation (city bus or school bus) also require APS’s formal permission form. I will send one home prior to each field trip. If you should lose the permission slip I send home, you may print and fill out the blank form below.

Please make sure you fill in both sides of the form!

APS Permission Slip Form