Here’s how homework works in Room 106:


Weekly Homework

Weekly homework will be sent home on Monday and is due back on Friday of the same week.  (If we do not have school on Monday, homework will be sent home on Tuesday and is still due on Friday.) There will not be homework assigned over the weekend. Within the first couple weeks you will be given a Homework Calendar. Please post this in a secure spot, so you can keep track of homework days and what your child should be bringing home. Homework will consist of a homework kit or spelling homework/nightly writing and math.

Spelling Homework/Nightly Writing & Homework Kits

The class is divided into two homework groups- first graders and second graders. Each week, the homework kits and  spelling homework/nightly writing will alternate. For example, first graders will take home homework kits while second graders take home spelling homework or nightly writing, and vice versa.

  • Spelling Homework/Nightly Writing- This year, you get a choice between Spelling or Nightly Writing. On the Homework Menu, you can choose for your child to do Spelling Homework or Nightly Writing. On Spelling/Nightly Writing Homework weeks, your child will take her/his Spelling/Nightly Writing notebook home on Monday.
    • If You Choose Spelling: Your child should complete at least two activities in his/her notebook. Your child may also utilize our class account at Spelling City to practice his/her words. I will send each student their log in and password on the first day of spelling homework. Spelling tests will be given on Friday morning to the group that had spelling homework that week.
    • If You Choose Nightly Writing: Your child should write at least 2-3 entries in the notebook that week. These can range from diary-like entries, where your child writes about his/her week or made-up stories your child makes up. Your child can also write lists, poems, or comic strips – whatever your child feels inspired to write. Students will share their Nightly Writing stories on Fridays.
  • Homework Kits- On homework kits weeks, your first or second grader will bring home a homework kit. Follow the instructions inside each kit. I encourage students to do as many activities as possible, but only two are required. A lot of money and time have gone into the homework kits. Please make sure your child takes care of the kit when he/she brings it home. Please find a safe spot in the house where younger siblings and pets are not able to access the kits.

 Math Homework

Each week your child will also take home math homework. Math Homework will consist of both weekly practice sheets related to what we are studying in the Stepping Stones math curriculum and some differentiated activities for each student.

Monthly Homework

At the beginning of each month, your child will take home a Book Bingo. This will include a reading log for students who like to keep track of the books being read, but this is optional. Occasionally, the Book Bingo will include a book report or graphic organizer. Students should bring the book bingo back to school at the end of each month.


A few times throughout the year, your child will be assigned a project instead of regular homework. These projects allow for a break in the normal homework schedule and provide opportunities for more inquiry, critical thinking, and creativity. Instructions for each project will be sent home as each one comes up throughout the year. Please note: there will be no regular homework assigned during project periods.

What is the Homework Menu?

At the beginning of this school year, you get to “order” your child’s homework using the Homework Menu. Think about what works best for your child and family and let me know what type of homework your child will do this year. The Homework Menu looks like this:


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